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(S1E5) Jade Dumps Beck

May 4, 2010

Air Date: May 2, 2010

Jade breaks up with Beck. She then has second thoughts about it and asks Tori to help her get him back, which results in several plans and eventually in Beck’s father going to the hospital. Also, Robbie is supposed to review Trina’s one-woman show, which was so terrible it was almost funny. But when Trina threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn’t write a good review, Robbie is caught between a rock and a hard place: should he write a good review and be honest, or avoid Trina hurting him?

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  1. James permalink

    not yet? 😦

  2. Ann-Christine permalink

    Where is it? I can’t wait to see it?

    greets from Germany

  3. thea permalink

    pls post this soon. 🙂

  4. Nicole permalink

    It’s past the second?

  5. halle permalink

    where is it?!?!?! it’s may 6 and still it’s not up. 😦

  6. very permalink

    When is this episode coming out!!

    admin #2 soon. please be patient

  7. azndavid permalink

    I wanna Watch Thissss

  8. thea permalink

    please please please post this soon. im from manila. and this is the only way i can watch these episodes. 🙂

  9. Me myself and I permalink

    It is the 7th when will it be here???

  10. Jazmyne permalink

    *sad face*

  11. very permalink

    Ok,im getting very in patien so hurry up!!

  12. amy permalink

    cmm’n how hard can it be put it on

    admin #2 im trying to have it on May 9

  13. claire permalink

    come on! its may 8 and its not on yet!! when is it coming?

    admin #2 relax, im uploading it now 😉

  14. jess permalink

    you said your uploading well where is it ive been waiting for 20 min and plus why is ur icarly website so much faster

  15. Adyanna permalink

    How long does it take to upload it?

  16. PrincessMe permalink

    PLEASE PLEASE upload it, its May 9th and its still not up!?!

  17. ohh come on!! i wanna watch this so baddd!! can u please post this like now!!

  18. mimi permalink


  19. amy permalink

    don’t meen to be rude but when are gonna put it i now it’s annoying but i love this show

  20. halle permalink

    its may 9th and it’s still not up? when r u uploading it?

  21. zoey permalink

    episode 6 is al ready out

  22. very permalink

    Oh my god!!!Where is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    admin #2 i just putted it up!

  23. Heyyyyyyy the last comment said u r up loading it soooo when is it going to b on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    admin #2 i just putted the episode on!

  24. amy permalink

    thank you so much
    thank you so much
    thank you so much
    thank you so much
    thank you so much

  25. very permalink


  26. elohel permalink

    thank you!

  27. tennisgirl101 permalink

    Not to be pushy but there is another episode that came out too already when will you put it on the site?

  28. iDreamer permalink

    Thanks for the episode! 😀 I wish some people would really stop whining; I mean, they should be grateful that you made this website in the first place. =) Anyway, thanks again! Victorious is awesome! =]

    admin #2 yeah, you are right 😉 btw. the new episode is up!

  29. JAMES permalink

    ooppss sorry then adminstrator thanks for the site 😀

  30. Isabell permalink

    Everyone is only talking about when the episode will come up and guys, it’s already here!

  31. Kev permalink

    Hey guys if you notice at 18:20, Jerry Trainor is in the crowd watching Trina’s show

    admin #2 i know


  33. Kev permalink

    Hey guys! Did you notice that Jerry Trainor, Spencer Shay from iCarly, is in the crowd watching Trinna’s show if you pause the video at 18:20.

  34. Kev permalink


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