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Currently in not busy with all these website\'s.
If i continue, you will hear from me soon.

New Website for icarly episodes?

Since you guys know…i am not really working on all the website’s anymore.

Also.. it’s d0main is about to expire on December 27, 2010
And im sure that i won’t renew it because it’s down anyway.

Im not sure..but if i continue with all these website’s…. then i will just make 1 website for all the shows…because that is mutch easier for me and you.

IF i continue, you will hear from me soon.
Admin #2


Website’s Down

As you people know, both victorious and icarly site’s are down right now. I’m not planning to start again, but i will try to contact WP so they can activate again.

If you want to watch the newest episodes from icarly and victorious, you can watch them by clicking here below:

Victorious Episode:
Beck’s Big Break
Click here to watch

iCarly Episode:
Not Available

i know, there is problems with my other website but i will fix the problem ASAP.

Please keep checking this site for updates about

(S1E7) Robbarazzi

Air date: June 4, 2010

Robbie uses the school’s video news blog to intrude on his friends’ personal lives. Meanwhile, Cat obsessively buys items from an in-flight catalog.

Click here to watch it

(S1E6) Tori the Zombie

Air date: May 8, 2010

Cat used Tori as her assignment for a make up class, everything turns out wrong when she makes a mask with super glue and it gets stuck to Tori’s face. She sends Trina and Cat on a drive to retrieve a solvent but they get distracted by ice cream and get pulled over by a cop and don’t arrive until the closing number of the play.

Click here to watch it

(S1E5) Jade Dumps Beck

Air Date: May 2, 2010

Jade breaks up with Beck. She then has second thoughts about it and asks Tori to help her get him back, which results in several plans and eventually in Beck’s father going to the hospital. Also, Robbie is supposed to review Trina’s one-woman show, which was so terrible it was almost funny. But when Trina threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn’t write a good review, Robbie is caught between a rock and a hard place: should he write a good review and be honest, or avoid Trina hurting him?

Click here to watch it

(S1E4) The Birthweek Song

Air date: April 25, 2010

When Trina’s birthday rolls around, Tori can’t decide what to get her as a gift and Andre suggests a song. Tori and Andre write the song and Tori performs it at Trina’s birthday party but Trina doesn’t think its a present since Tori didn’t spend money on it. Trina then sells the song to a record company for 500 dollars. Meanwhile, Robbie and Cat have to help Robbie’s grandmother with her internet problems.

Click here to watch it

(S1E3) Stage Fighting

Air date: April 18, 2010

Tori and Jade compete for the lead role in the school play, because the lead character kisses Beck, Jade’s boyfriend. Jade pretends Tori hurt her while practicing for the scene so Tori will get in trouble. 

Click here to watch it

(S1E2) The Bird Scene

Air date: April 11, 2010

Tori attempts to master a monologue for Sikowitz’s class; André and Robbie join a ballet class to meet girls.

Click here to watch it

Note: Sorry that it came late here…next time i will try to put it up faster.

(S1E1) Pilot

Air date: March 27, 2010

Tori Vega, (Victoria Justice) gets a once in a lifetime opportunity after she is asked to attend the elite Hollywood Arts High School. 

Click here to watch it

Upcoming show Victorious

This Website is created by the owners of

On this website we will put all victorious episodes that will air.
The show Victorious itself didn’t air on Television yet.
It will air on Nickelodeon on March 27, 2010 right after the Kids Choice Awards

I hope that the show will be a great succes including this site 😉

Check back soon to watch the verry first episode that official could be called “Pilot”

~Admin #2~ 😎